What’s the Right Business Accounting Software for You? 

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Accounting software helps you track the progress of your business as you are able to monitor money moving in and out of your accounts. You can do a wide variety of tasks ranging from tracking expenses to creating invoices and generating reports and thereby be able to assess the performance of your business right from your device. It also helps you track bills as well as manage inventory in an effective manner. Nonetheless, choosing the right accounting program will determine the effectiveness of your operations and hence should be done carefully. 

Each program consists of a different set of features and pricing. You have to consider whether the program is a good fit for your industry, offers customized solutions that suit your specific business needs, how many employees it can accommodate, its security measures, backup options, and its assistance with the compliance of GAAP tax laws.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Accounting Software


Accounting programs differ in price depending on several factors such as the number of features they have and number of users supported. Most companies will offer you cloud-based software as part for a service instead of using software licenses
that charge a monthly fee. You are required to choose from paid package plans that cost as cheap as $10 to $40 per month, but you can also access high-end programs that typically cost much more. You can get a discount for paying for the program annually instead of monthly.

High-end plans typically comprise of advanced features including expense tracking, advanced reporting capabilities, team functionalities, a recurring invoices, payroll services, inventory tracking, automatic past-due billing, purchase ordering, sales tracking, and various team functionalities. The company will provide you with integrations to augment the program’s functionality and capabilities. If you are operating a large business, you can choose the high-end package that will manage all of your transactions smoothly. However, if you are operating a small business, you can opt for the free version that some companies offer with limited features.


In selecting the best accounting programs, it is important to consider factors such as the number of users you need to access the program, and also whether you want a cloud-based or a desktop program.

Multi-user Access

While majority of accounting programs will allow you to invite more users to the system as well as control the data they are able to see, some do not offer these capabilities. You may want to use the system with multiple users; for example, your employees may need the system to invoice customers, and business partners may need full access to account records. You will see that some systems will give you the option to invite multiple users at an additional cost or with higher priced plans, which can be beneficial in some cases.

Multiple-Business Support

In case you have several businesses, you will need a system that can support multiple businesses under one account without
paying extra cost. If you do not make this consideration while purchasing the system, you may be required to pay extra money to set up separate accounts.

Cloud-based Software and Mobile Access

While most programs are cloud-based and allow you to access your account at any time, from any location, using any computer, others require your presence at the business location to access the account. If travel often, you will need a cloud-based account. You can also access mobile apps that help you manage key information and perform core tasks while you are not in the office.


This is a key consideration in selecting an accounting program. You will need to consider the exact tasks that you need the program to perform and buy a system that has the features to accomplish those tasks. If you need the program to perform comprehensive ancillary services, such as project management, time tracking, and payroll or track inventory, then you will need to install a high-end system that can perform those tasks. If you do not need a system to perform these comprehensive tasks, you can purchase a low-priced system with limited features.

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