Cons of Business Phone Services

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The current business world is fast paced and very competitive. This is mainly as a result of an increase in the level of technological advancement, especially in communication. The customers are increasingly in need of information at different times of the day more than they used to previously. Some of the times these customers that need responses to their queries may not be very convenient to these businesses especially when these times lie way beyond the business hours. 

However, given the need to retain a loyal customer base, the businesses have had to hire a business phone service to to respond to these questions on their behalf. They also take a lot of other messages.

This is by the virtue that these businesses understand just how important these customers are. Some of these services have some shortcomings. These include:

Incompetent Staff

Some of the personnel employed in these business phone services may not properly record the messages from the customers. They may also end up conveying the wrong information to your business. The responses given to your clients may not be proper. To make matters worse, the business may end up discovering this when it is very late hurting its profitability in the process.

Dissatisfaction Among Your Clients

As a result of the increased number of calls from clients, coupled with a small number of employees in some of these business phone services, some of your clients may end up having to wait for a very long period of time before their calls can be answered. With an increased level of impatience, the customers may end up very frustrated, thus negatively affecting the operations of your business.

Rehearsed Responses

The information given to these companies to relay to the clients is normally written down and may only relate to a few of your clients and not all of them.This may not augur well with your business operation since this section of your clientele may feel ignored or not well taken care of.This may in some cases ruin the brand that the business may have worked very hard to build.

Some May be Unreasonably Expensive

Some of the companies have a method of charging for these services which may hurt your business. Take an example of one that charges on the basis of the number of calls regardless of how long the call takes.The business may find this very expensive, especially when it factors in the fact that some of these calls may not have a valuable return.This may include misplaced calls. The business ends up paying for what does not benefit any of its direct clients.


The option of the company that you decide to opt for to offer these services must be one that gives your clients the highest level of satisfaction. Timely and proper responses are an important consideration. No customer wants to wait for a very long period of time before their calls can be answered. 

Where none of the companies suit your needs, it is important to opt for other methodologies of not only reaching the customers but also ensuring you never miss a call.This may mean having to direct some of these calls to specific employees.

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