Picking the Right Domain Name for Your Business 

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Increasingly, people are using the internet to find information about the products and services which they require, so it is highly recommended that every business, big or small, has its own website where the details of the product, service and company are provided. The basic requirement for starting a website is having a domain name and web hosting. While there are a large number of domain names available at high prices costing millions of dollars, many small business owners and startups have an extremely limited budget for their website, and are looking for a cheap domain for their website.

While an established business will select a domain name which is related to the business name, as it will have a trademark, smaller businesses, especially online businesses, should check if a suitable cheap domain is available and then decide on a business name.

There are many keyword and brand-able domain names related to the product or service being sold, which are registered by domain investors for decades, and to make money on their investment in domain names, the domain investors will sell the domain name at a high price of thousands of dollars which a small business owner may not be able to afford.

The business owner or founder has three main options while selecting the domain name, it could be related to the product or service being sold by the business, the business can have a brand-able and memorable domain name which can be remembered, or the last option is having the name related to the owner of the business. However, most of the domain names related to the product or service being sold are generic domain names which are not easily available at registration fee especially for .com domain names as they have been registered by large domain investors or related companies for decades

Similarly most of the brand-able and memorable domain names are already used by companies or owned by domain investors, and will not be available at a low price. So often the best option for getting a cheap domain for a business is to use the owners name alone or in combination with the product or service being sold. Most of these domains are not registered, so they can be registered at any domain registrar at the basic registration fee which most small business owners can afford. Many professionals, like doctors, lawyers or consultants will often have a website with their own name, as it is both cheap and easily recognized by their customers.

However one of the main considerations when selecting a cheap domain for a business website is to ensure that there are no trademark-related issues for the domain name. The domain name should not be similar to that of a related business, as the established website or business owner may file a case against the domain owner as infringing on his website trademark, and the domain registered may be seized or transferred away to the person or organization holding the trademark. These are only a few of the factors to be considered while registering a domain name for a business; the country and nature of the business should also be considered.

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