How to Avoid Payroll Scam Services

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Outsourcing a payroll services company is imperative in that it saves your business a lot of time and money. However, caution must be taken, since there are many companies out there offering these services and it might be difficult to tell the legit ones from fraudsters.

There are a number of things you can do to make this decision easier. These tips will go a long way to ensure that you get a legit and reliable company.

Understand your business

Different businesses have different needs based on various factors like the number of employees and the size of the business. In the same way, some service providers are meant for large businesses and others for small businesses.

Choosing a big service provider for a small business will end up costing your business more money since its more expensive. In the same way, a small service provider for a big business means that the company will not deliver since it’s not meant to handle big businesses. Thus, understanding your business will go a long way to helping you settle for the service provider that best suits it.

Check online

The internet is another resourceful platform that you could use to get legit services. Most legit service providers will have their services listed on their websites or simply advertise their services online. What’s more is that you will have a wide database of service providers to compare. Based on your type of business, you will be able to shortlist the few that match your business needs. This is a good place to compare the services offered by each as well as their prices before contacting any of them.

Search for customer testimonials

The good thing about the Internet era is that you can find testimonials for any company online. Rely on independent client testimonials found on any other websites except the website of the company in question. These are genuine testimonials and they will guide your decision making. If a payroll service provider has only negative testimonials, this is a sign that you should avoid it. From the testimonials, you will learn the type of services a company offers, its charges and its reliability on delivering quality work. Testimonials found on the company’s website more often than not are internally generated and therefore unreliable.

Use referrals

Referrals are one of the most reliable ways to help you get a legit and reliable service provider. You can ask friends, workmates and family members who have used these services before to refer you to a service provider that delivered quality work. Referrals are resourceful, since these are people who cannot lie to you and whose judgement you trust.

Use the Better Business Bureau

BBB or the Better Business Bureau connects you with legit and trustworthy companies. It gives you reviews on companies and information on pending claims against companies if any. At the end of the day,  the BBB – which is free to use – guarantees you only the best payroll services company. What’s more is that you can file a complaint if the service provider fails to deliver as agreed.

With these tips, you can now go ahead and hire a reliable service provider.

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