AnswerAmerica: Answering Service Review

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An all-American company, AnswerAmerica is one of the top-rated answering service firms in the United States. The company has won awards for its great customer service, versatile features, and the ability to adapt to the individual needs of a company. One of the reasons AnswerAmerica is being considered by new companies is because of its new pay-as-you-go feature, which truly sets it apart from others on the market. With the ability for constant communication and a great performance track record, AnswerAmerica is a great solution for any business’s answering service needs.

The Right Market for AnswerAmerica

The target niche for companies that may be interested in AnswerAmerica include any business with enough customers that might need assistance at any time of the day.

Businesses in the medical field, for example, may want to consider AnswerAmerica as the perfect solution to having 24/7 phone access.

AnswerAmerica is HIPAA compliant, as it passes all regulations for use in the industry. This compliance allows the company to protect client information and keep all connection lines secure and private at all times. Businesses can rest assured that AnswerAmerica is there to protect information and make communication much easier for clients and employees combined.

Being HIPAA-compliant makes it viable for AnswerAmerica service agents to be able to take medical calls, set appointments, and access some parts of their clients’ medical information. Because of this, doctor’s offices and other medical facilities are trusting AnswerAmerica and investing in this answering service to improve communications with customers and clients. Legal practitioners are investing in this company as well, as they can feel safe and secure that all of their clients’ legal matters will stay protected and away from any third parties.

Top Ratings

AnswerAmerica has received some of the highest ratings in the answering service industry, making it a great choice for just about any business. The way the industry rates its companies is based off the quality of each and every service they provide. Things such as activation costs, monthly plan prices, special features, IT support, and customer service are all factors that are taken into consideration.

AnswerAmerica has scored 80% in the IT support category, which is slightly lower than the standard. However, the company makes up for it with its cheap activation fee, coming in at just $35. This is much lower than most companies, which typically charge $50 or more.

AnswerAmerica Pricing

The costs of using AnswerAmerica can be reasonable depending on what the answering service is needed for. There are a variety of different plans offered by AnswerAmerica, making it easy for businesses to adopt different plans to the changing demands of a certain industry.

One of the more popular payment plans that is also a unique feature of AnswerAmerica is the pay-as-you-go plan, which is also the company’s most basic payment plan. It can be set up in just a couple of minutes, and already the company will be able to network with their new answering service. As the name states, the plan will charge the business as they go, so this option is suitable for businesses that do not expect to do a heavy amount of calling.

Another plan can be established on a month-to-month basis, giving companies the opportunity to be a bit more flexible with their calling schedules. This plan includes built-in training software that can accommodate a larger influx of calls. Although there are more setup costs, it will typically cover any of the necessary training or equipment needed to take on a large calling capacity.

Most of the time, AnswerAmerica’s fees and one-time costs will vary depending on the needs of the specific business. Each plan details a separate set of features, which may or may not be desirable by the company.


  • Live, 24/7 answering services for seamless communication.
  • Setup costs are much cheaper than the average industry standard.
  • There are bilingual opportunities available.


  • AnswerAmerica does not have email or live chat services available.
  • Some of the monthly costs can fluctuate depending on what the company is being charged for.

Final Verdict

AnswerAmerica is a professionally rated answering service that provides the industry with a variety of different options. The 24/7 customer service availability can’t be beaten, and the affordable package pricing is a plus. With the ability to get set up in just a couple of minutes, it’s hard to pass up what AnswerAmerica has to offer.

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