Xact Telesolutions – Answering Service Review

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Are you a growing entrepreneur feeling overwhelmed by the numerous calls you have to make to your clients? Do you feel the need to outsource some of these communication functions to a company that knows the value of leaving your customers satisfied, thus enhancing your reputation to even higher levels? It’s likely that your responses to each of the above questions is ‘YES.’

Whether it’s processing orders on your behalf, properly scheduling your appointments, or doing a follow-up call to assess how happy and content your clients are, Xact Telesolutions does that well on your behalf. With the company’s 35 years of experience, we know your needs as far as handling incoming and outgoing calls are concerned. We also have the capability of using services that are automated, such as voice messaging and voicemail.

Do some of your clients purchase using credit cards? Rest easy. The incoming call center agents will ensure they are adequately helped, their orders processed and the follow-up customer satisfaction call scheduled on time. Xact Telesolutons are strong in several areas that will ensure your business has continued growth.

Ability to Serve Clients Using Different Languages

Do you have customers who are non-English speakers? With a staff that is capable of communicating in Spanish and English, as well as partnerships with third-party translation support, Xact is able to communicate with customers in more than 100 languages. This ensures more growth for your business.

Live Monitoring Capacity

Apart from the online review, Xact Telesolutions also creates a platform where you can actually monitor how its agents are handling your clients in real time. With this feature, you are able to do a follow-up on customer complaints without relying on reports or rumors. You are thus able to establish how genuine this complain is. You are able to assess whether the way your clients are being handled by the agents actually matches your expectations and if it is giving value for your money.

No Set Minimum Call Volume

This gives a big advantage to small businesses that only make a few calls a month which may not meet the set minimum call volume set by other answering service companies. Xact Telesolutions will only charge you for the answering service calls made, as opposed to others who will impose a fixed charge on you whether your calls volume reaches that fixed charge or not. This thus becomes convenient and cost effective to you as a small, growing entrepreneur. 

Service Recovery During Tragedies and Disasters

 We also know that unfortunate events such as floods,tornadoes, hurricanes among others may have a big negative impact on the continuity and smooth operation of your business.When such happens, your calls can be forwarded to Xact’s call center for their always-available agents. With the functional disaster recovery center, the company assures your business continuity during disasters.This enables your business to grow to an even larger degree.This shows how much your success means to us.

Initiating Efforts Meant to Increase Customer Base

 The agents at Xact Telesolutons are more than happy to help you reach new clients through various media, such as emails, adverts, and internet-based campaigns. We also print various literature and publications that go a long way to ensure you have an even wider customer base. This ensures you are able to increase your sales volume.

Numerous Surveys to Monitor Customer Satisfaction

These surveys are closely monitored and you are able to to use them to improve your customer experience, enabling you to have even more growth.

Efficient Customer Support

For the customers who need various clarifications or need help, Xact provides platforms such as phone calls, emails and live chats in order for customers to reach its agents. Live chat does, however, have limited hours a day.

Services can be Custom Made for Your Business 

We provide various inbound and outbound services, which include order processing, follow-up scheduling, customer feedback, and surveys. However, you can decide specific services that you need in your business and Xact will customize them specifically to meet your needs. You’re also charged purely for the services that are offered. 


No set minimum inbound call volume.


Do not offer cold-calling services.


With our wide array of services that Xact offers, any business will get a suitable answering service. In addition, Xact Telesolutions do not have restrictions on the minimum inbound calls volume, as the company is suitable for your business no matter its size or the number of customers you have.

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