6 Benefits of Getting Business Insurance

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Although it may seem costly or unnecessary, business insurance is typically pretty beneficial to both the people working for you and the assets and finance of your business. All types of businesses have some form of insurance. In fact, in the U.S., most states have laws that indicate all companies/businesses should carry some sort of insurance.

Besides being part of the law, business insurance can also protect you against situations like lawsuits or failing assets. Additionally, having business insurance can positively affect your company’s performance and employees.

Below are some benefits of carrying business insurance.

Meeting government and financial requirements

Typically, business insurance requirements for companies are set up by the government and financial agencies.

Once these requirements are met — which could vary depending on the state — businesses won’t run into any troubles or get penalties from the government. As well, businesses are typically on better terms with financial firms when they meet business insurance requirements. This can help when businesses are looking for financial aid.

Protects against liabilities and lawsuits from consumers

Even if your company is extremely vigilant in making your products, problems could always occur involving consumers. Product recalls and producing bad products or products that somehow injure consumers could always happen. In such cases, consumers may file a lawsuit against the business, holding them liable. If the business doesn’t have insurance to protect against such situations, they could end up losing a lot of money and experience other consequences from lawsuits.

Liabilities for employment practices

Your company could follow all federal employment regulations regarding racial discrimination, sexual harassment, and unfair hiring practices but you could still get sued for minor issues. Business insurance can help you cover these legal costs.

Attracting employees and retaining wellness of current employees

Having medical insurance coverage for your employees not only helps attract a lot of potential employees, it also helps with keeping current employees’ wellness. As well, many employees currently keep their jobs because health insurance is provided.

Benefits of health reforms

Recent health reforms like the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or ObamaCare, have made getting business insurance beneficial for businesses. Most companies have been able to receive tax credits because they hold business insurance. Small businesses with insurance can get at most 35% of premium insurance costs through the ACA.

Protects against casualties and damages to property

Accidents and natural disasters can happen and cause damage to your business’ property, like products, warehouses, and factories, among other things. Having business insurance can protect your business against the loss of important assets like inventory, machinery, and equipment.

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