The Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

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The importance of email marketing in the growth of small and medium enterprises cannot be overlooked. Therefore, there is a need for small businesses to invest in the acquisition of email marketing software. There are a number of software options to select from, all of which are available at reasonable prices. Below are some of the best software options available online.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a software that comes loaded with an array of useful features, including marketing automation and sales automation services. In addition, the software has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and contact management tools. This is in addition to its free templates, real time analytics, and image hosting.


A multi-purpose marketing solution, Admail doubles up as a social media marketing tool. Offered with an email builder with over 300 design templates, this marketing solution allows for seamless sending of professional and custom marketing campaigns via email. Furthermore, thanks to the software’s Adsocial feature it is possible to share marketing campaigns on social media sites.


Benchmark is a fantastic marketing solution that comes loaded with a plethora of cool and useful features. This software boasts segmentation and storage tools and hundreds of pre-designed email templates. In addition, the software comes with customizable email surveys, web polls and social media integration. The software’s wide array of useful features makes it one of the best email marketing solutions available.


Designed to be used by businesses of all sizes, Campaigner is another great marketing solution for small businesses. What sets this marketing solution apart is its email creation tools and targeted email autoresponders. Other features include segmentation tools, campaign reporting, and CRM integration.

Constant Contact

With over 650,000 clients globally, Constant Contact is one of the most effective email marketing softwares available to small businesses. Boasting of multi-channel marketing campaigns, this software offers coaching and integration with important business programs.


DirectIQ is a great marketing solution for small businesses. This software comes with a user-friendly email editor, free templates and campaign segmentation. Also, the software features social media integration, detailed analytics, and inbox preview testing.

Elite Email

A cloud based solution for small businesses, Elite mail is a powerful marketing software. This software gives businesses the
ability to grow their mailing lists and track results using the software’s detailed analytics and reporting tool. Creation of emails is easy with the software 400 plus customizable templates.

Email Direct

For sending transactional messages and one-off campaigns, small businesses can always rely on Email Direct. The software is able to manage feedback loops, remove requests and handle white lists. To top it all off, all of the software is packed with advanced features, such as real-time tracking and segmentation tools.


The best software for tailored marketing solutions is Emma. This marketing solution is ideal for businesses of all sizes. The
software gives organizations the ability to send unlimited numbers of emails and real-time analytics. This is in addition to the drag-and-drop editor and audience segmentation features.

Get Response

Get Response is an email marketing solution for creating custom marketing programs. The hallmark of this software is the
landing page creator and the responsive design. Of great benefit to small businesses, the software is available with 12 different languages and is currently available in 193 countries.

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