Project Management Software Prices 

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Every day, more and more businesses and companies are switching to a project management software. They offer easier document sharing methods, perfect for those who operate a lot in the field instead of in an office. When you need to check if there are some updates on your project, all you need to do is check your project management software. You can see how it is more practical to use these types of software instead of running around the office and leaving twenty-sheet memos at your colleague’s desk.

Next step would be choosing a program that will work best for you and finding out what your options cost. This depends on the number of people that will be granted access to this program and other needs that your business may need to be met.

This article will guide you through the prices of some of the best software and what comes with them, so you can make an informed decision.

Cloud Software

This is web-based software that can be accessed from many types of devices. Cloud charges a monthly fee, depending on how many people use one account and how much storage you need. There are some different add-on options that you can include, which affects the price. There are three basic package deals that Cloud offers:

Cloud for small businesses

In this case, there is usually an average of 15 people using Cloud, 10 GB of granted data space, and limit of 25 projects that can be run on one Cloud at a time. The price range for this kind of package is $19-$99 per month, and the average cost is $44.80.

Mid-sized business Cloud

This can accommodate up to 50 people with 50 GB of allowed space and up to 100 projects that can be managed at a time. The price range is $25-$300 per month with an average of $130.50.

Enterprise Business Cloud

For those that need unlimited access, Cloud created a special package. It allows an unlimited number of users, data, and as many projects as you need. No wonder it is called Enterprise. This delightful thing will cost you somewhere between $39-$750 per month, and the average cost is $207.90.

Installed Software

People buy these types of programs for their security benefits. Also, some people prefer buying a product outright and being done with payments as once you pay for it in full, it is rightfully yours. Desktop software is typically more expensive than Cloud, but in the longer run, it usually pays off more. As previously mentioned, these programs are not cheap and can cost anything in the range of $600-$10,000 with an average annual cost of $4,592.50. Some good examples of these expensive programs are Micro Planner X-Pert and TeamPage.

Free and Open-Source Project Management Software

Yes, there are companies that provide cloud services for free. If you are just starting your business, and your firm is small with a limited budget, these options are lifesavers. When it comes to choosing a project management software, the price isn’t the main thing you should be focusing on. A more important a step is to make a list of things that you need and then browse what suits you the best. There are free project management services out there, but the good ones to check out are Bitrix24, Orangescrum, Freedcamp, Asana, and MeisterTask.

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