Specialty Answering Service – Answering Service Review

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Any business understands the value of customers. After all, it’s customers that drive up the sales volume of the business, thus increasing profitability. A business must understand the value of promptly answering calls from customers as well as taking and handling customer requests seriously and with the utmost priority that the needs deserve. However, most businesses are consumed in the daily running of the business activities and in the process ignore the aspect of responding adequately to customers’ inquiries when they make calls. Customers in such businesses make frustrating calls which are never answered. This will negatively affect your sales volume and thus lead to a decline in the growth of your business. Specialty answering services is here to help you solve this problem.

The agents are always there to answer your customer questions at their convenience and even can go beyond the normal business hours.

Your customers are able to get responses from a real-time operator, and this will significantly boost your productivity, providing you with happy customers. It also gives you time to concentrate on managing your business.

Specialty answering services has an experience span of about 30 years. With a staff that is well-trained on customer relations, you can rest assured that your clients will have the best experience and great satisfaction. Research has always shown that 81% of businesses that adequately handle the issues of their clients perform better than those that ignore their customers. The company ensures that your answering service needs are well taken care of on a daily basis.

The company can offer six answering services which can adequately be custom-made, according to your specific requirement. The cost depends on the plan that you have decided to opt for. It is able to handle businesses of different sizes, as well as those dealing in a wide variety of activities. It does not matter what you do, its services will definitely suit your needs. However, its main area of specialization is small businesses.

This company has several areas of strength that makes it the best when considering customer satisfaction. These areas include:

Customer Centered Inbound Calls

This service ensures that all issues that affect your customers are adequately handled to the full satisfaction of their needs. You can be sure that customer orders are processed on a timely basis, conveniently take credit card payment from customers who use it, do a follow-up to find out the level of satisfaction of your customers, as well as necessary technical support and adequately answering your customers queries. This makes the frustration that your clients used to go through as a result of unanswered calls a thing of the past.

The amount is charged depending on the number of minutes your clients spend on the phone. It is also important to note that there is no minimum calls volume set on inbound calls.

With your clients able to get answers from real people as opposed to voicemail, the businesses can retain its customers and develop a better reputation, which leads to growth.

Outbound Calls

This ensures the company can do surveys and get proper customer feedback. No calls are made to customers in bids to make sales. Handling lead generation is also not one of its specializations.

Automated surveys, automated information updates, as well as billing makes these activities very cost effective for the business.

Reliable Customer Support 

Customers get their calls answered without delays. The agents give perfect and well-structured responses for your clients. This leaves them happy and very satisfied. The responses are given in both English an Spanish. However, there is no translation service for any other language out of the two. Adequate measures are taken in such a case.

With the perfect answers that the agents give your clients, your business is way ahead of the competitors in matters to do with customer service. This makes for easy and fast growth.


The services offered are flexible in that in case the basic center does not suit you, it can be easily customized to suit your requirements.


Where the customer does not communicate in English or Spanish, they are referred back to your business.


This company mainly concentrates its efforts on small and medium-size businesses in handling its inbound calls more than it handles outbound calls.

The company does not do cold calling. However, the services it offers can play a very big role as far as the growth of your business is concerned and thus worth considering.

With the high quality of service this company offers with evidence of delivering the best for its clients, you can always be sure getting its service will do your business well.

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