Benefits of Secure Cloud Storage and Where to Get it 

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Do You Need Cloud Storage?

Whether you run a business or have your own sensitive personal data, the two big challenges you will always face are; where to back up the data and how to secure it from unauthorized access. Cloud services are the best solution to these two problems. Cloud storage is a service that allows clients to remotely store or backup their data and access them anytime usually over the internet. It, therefore, allows clients to securely store or back up sensitive personal or business information in a way that is easy to access, safe and convenient at the same time since the client does not have to purchase or maintain a storage facility.

How Secure Is Cloud Storage?

The idea of having someone else store your data for you, however, does not sound too safe.

Some of the questions that you will ask yourself are: what if they decide to look at your information? What if they leak them to a competitor etc. That is the reason why you do not just need any cloud storage service but a secure cloud storage service. Luckily for you, there is a variety of cloud storage services on the market today that you can choose from based on your preferences. All of these companies have some level of basic security for their cloud service. If you have very sensitive information, however, there are usually provisions for encryption which makes your data only readable to you. These complicated encryption mechanisms, therefore, make your information hack and leak proof.

Some Cloud Storage Companies You Can Trust and Their Prices

Do not just consider the iCloud platform and trust them with all your data; there are other companies that fully specialize in secure cloud storage services with an amazing track record of the same.

One of these companies is Tresorit. Tresorit has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that their cloud storage facility is completely hack-free and therefore can be trusted with sensitive information. To show for their hack-proof claim, they offered a cash price of $50,000 to any hacker who manages to bypass their cloud storage security. The challenge involved 1056 hackers and 468 days, and no hacker managed to penetrate the storage facility.

Considering this outstanding track record one would imagine that their pricing is ridiculously high. However, Tresorit prices are actually very pocket-friendly starting at a mere $25 monthly and up to 1000 Gb of storage space. Its competitive pricing, in fact, matches or is even lower than some of the pricing offered by its competitors such as Firebase and Cloudorado that cannot boast of similar track records.

Another cloud service that you may want to consider is the Spider Oak. The company prides itself on absolute confidentiality and privacy. It achieves this by providing its clients with state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms that make the data only readable to the clients. Spider Oak, therefore, holds the information for you but will never be able to read any information you store. As a result, your data is completely private and confidential to you.

For all new clients, Spider Oak starts them off with a free 2GB free cloud storage that allows them to have a taste of their services before committing themselves to a paid subscription. Once a new client is satisfied they can go ahead and subscribe for as low as $7 monthly for up to 30 GB of cloud storage. Each package also comes with a 60-day trial period with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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