Video Conferencing Apps: The Top 5

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Teamwork is an important component of any successful business and a good video conference app to encourage this aspect of the business can be found on the market with many features which aid working in a team environment. What then, are the Top 5 conferencing apps on the market?


Join.Me has all the features needed to to put it at the top of this teamwork-focused list. Available online and to call or video call to over 40 international destinations, this app allows for easy cross border teams working together. Features include the ability to record meetings, have many participants come or leave, transfer files from person to person and screen sharing. Easy to use and having a very simple video conference call set up and connection make it another attractive choice for teamwork.

Plans are free for a basic package with many features available but for full capabilities and added features, there are paying options available too.

Onstream Meetings

The service offered by Onstream Meetings might be the better option for larger businesses as it can include video conference calls with up to 1000 participants. With the usual features expected of a team work focused package such as file sharing, screen sharing, group or private chat set up and also features such as polling participants and white board for collaborative projects available for a starting subscription of $49 per month. Onstream Meetings can also add highlighting and video editing of the conference call so that the most important parts of any meeting can be made more prominent.


For the best look to any video conference call, Zoom broadcasts in HD, meaning nothing should go unnoticed in any meeting. Usual features which would find their best uses in teamwork focused calls including file sharing, screen sharing and recording features. Other features available from the Zoom app are multiple monitor and view capabilities, handy for larger meetings with many participants, an ability to send image or text files during the meetings and an ability to connect to meetings from a mobile device through a cellular network, if good WiFi can’t be relied on. A basic free plan comes without many of these features, but added plans are relatively inexpensive when looked at competitively with other apps of this type.


Containing many of the usual features available on other video conference apps like file sharing, screen sharing and being able to set up private or group chats within the conference call, this app can be used to increase the effectiveness of any team. ReadyTalk is able to incorporate tools such as OutLook or Google Calendar, and with 24hr call assistance making any set up easier, ReadyTalk is an attractive choice.


Useful for international meetings with toll-free video conference calls and with the usual features available, GoToMeeting also has whiteboard, polling capabilities and highlighting the screen initiatives. With HD quality video and connection made through either desktop or mobile, GoToMeeting app is a popular choice. Free plans are available with added features available for very little cost.

Technical support, collaborative features and an easy to set up and use video conference call app can lend its self to improving teamwork in any organisation. Any of the 5 apps contain the tools to accomplish just that.

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