3 Free Video Conferencing Options

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Starting a small business or making a success of one requires large financial commitments with the need to keep a tight reign on costs. Many providers of video conference calls have packages which contain extra features which can be quite costly to any new or small business. This doesn’t have to mean that video calls are out of reach to those businesses. Many providers of offer free plans which still contain enough features to make them an effective part of any small business and a driving force in how that business operates. What then are the best free apps?


Boasting one of the best reputations in the video conference calls for businesses market is TeamViewer.

Its popularity comes from the many features in it’s use and the simplicity in which they can be utilized. These tools are available for use by all participants to the meeting and due to their ease of use, everyone can benefit fully from the meeting. TeamViewer has wide compatibility with any mobile or desktop device through either WiFi or cellular network, which means it is available to use practically anywhere. Calls are also secure with encryption included so that even the most sensitive of information to a business is kept safe. The set up, accessibility and the top range features available have made TeamViewer the main provider of free video conference calls to businesses large and small around the world.


On first look, AnyMeeting might look lightweight in comparison to other video conference apps on the market, but this should not discourage a closer look. Perfect for small businesses, AnyTime video calls are best when done one-on-one. There is no need for participants to download or install anything, as long as they have Flash Player already. Add to that a simplicity in user-friendly terms and it’s easy for new contacts to the business to be included without much prior set up or know how on their end. Interaction with participants to the meeting is a little different and maybe even fun, as its more akin to social media with posts and status updates made available within the meeting group. At no cost to your business, AnyMeeting can certainly help in it’s functioning.


Although you would expect to pay for the WebEx service when participation numbers are high, the features made available to these large meetings are all available in the free package which limits participant numbers only. This makes it perfect for small or niche market businesses. The intelligent design of it’s interface and no installation process makes setting up a video conference easy on either end of the call. With a reputation for having very little in the way of technical issues there is confidence in using it’s sharing features without any problems occurring. Available to use anywhere online with no downloads needed, and an easy-to-use design for remote access, WebEx has set itself as a great option for small businesses to use when making video calls.

Any business would benefit from using more of the services and features gained from video conference call providers. With free options available where the features are for the most part retained, even the smallest business can get the benefits of video calls without making a mark on that small budget.

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