Video Conferencing: The Pros and Cons

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Video conference calls have become a popular way of communicating in the fast paced environment of today’s global market. Using the power of the internet it is possible to meet anyone anywhere right from the comfort of your office or even at home. What then are the advantages and disadvantages to using this type of communication?


  • Saves Money – Conducting meetings through video from your desktop means no need to travel to attend meetings and so the cost of cab fare, air fare or putting gas in the tank is removed.
  • Saves Time – All that time spent travelling to or from a business meeting can now be put to more productive use with more video conference calls meaning less time out of the office.
  • Facilitates long distance business – The need to quality control or retain some say on different aspects of a business has in the past meant sourcing locally. Now the ability to video call has meant greater choice from as far a field when deciding on how to structure and run any business.
  • Medical Diagnosis – This service is not only of benefit to businesses but can also be a help in other ways such as in the medical field. It is now possible through video conference calls to meet with a doctor or other medical profession and still retain the visual aspects of a visit.
  • Education programs – Long distance learning makes use of video calls to help students keep in touch with tutors or attend lectures from anywhere in the world. Foreign placements or scholarships are given free movement without restrictions on missing out.
  • Disadvantages:

    • Technical Problems – The number one disadvantage to video conference calls is that the call is only as strong as the connection to the internet of all the participants. Software, hardware or connectivity issues all hamper the success of a video call. This can be a particular problem when calling countries with poor internet infrastructure.
    • No Personal Touch – Although a step up from telephone communication video conference calls still lack the personal touch of a firm handshake or the offer of coffee while talking. Many business meetings suffer from the removal of the personal aspect when using video to meet with clients.
    • Cost – A simple set up is usually free on these platforms but for added features necessary to get the best from video calls for a business the cost of set up can be steep, particularly for small businesses.

    The benefits from video conference calls certainly weigh up well against it’s disadvantages and this is backed up by the growing popularity with many businesses using the service more and more. Less time out of the office and a cheaper option than travelling. Video conference calls have also enabled the type of meetings previously reserved for face to face to be had across great distances any time day or night. Technical problems aside the use of video calls has become the norm in arranging meetings whether the other side of the world or sometimes just the other side of the building.

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