Can a Video Conference Benefit your Business?

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The popularity of video conference calls has risen over the years as technological advancements and faster, more powerful internet speeds have spread throughout the world. Traditional methods of communication within a business organisation like phone, email and texting are being replaced by the more effective method of video calling.

The visual aspect of communicating by video conference call can bring great benefits to any business. Products can be seen in their earliest stages of production or materials can be viewed. Different employees from different departments and branches within a business can meet effectively to discuss business needs with conference calls accommodating many multiple participants spread far and wide.

There are many stakeholders that go in to a well-run, successful business and video conference calls help to streamline communication between these stakeholders. No matter where in the world, it’s possible for suppliers, manufacturers, marketers, owners, shareholders, customers or anyone else connected to the business to be seen, met with and consulted.

Facial expressions and body language are a large part of how we say what we say and video conference calls give the users the ability to communicate more effectively, which can only lead to an increase in better understanding, leading to more effective management and business productivity. Having the personal touch which visual communication brings can also benefit a company or business when tendering for projects or meeting with new suppliers. The ability to create and foster a new business relationship is enhanced with video conference calls and the means available to see face-to-face.

Any time spent away from your business is a loss to the business, and that counts for employees too. Utilizing video conference calls as part of your business set up reduces travel time away from the office to attend meetings elsewhere. This time saved can be reinvested into the business for an increase in the work the employees can get through. Better, more effective management of an employee’s time out of the office can be done by utilizing video calls as a way of doing business.

Savings are also made in dollar amount as an increase in the use of video conference calls in a business means a decrease to the travel budget for employees getting to meetings. If cab fare, air fare, gas money and accommodation make up a hefty portion of your businesses budget, then even the most costly video conference set up will seem cheap in comparison. The benefit to a company can be seen in real monetary terms while the employee stays around the office and spends less time on the road.

In the global economy of today, any effective means of shrinking the world to suit your business should be considered. Making video conference calls a part of your business will definitely bring benefits to your business. Savings in travel costs, maximizing time productivity, enabling better, more effective communication across all levels of your business and helping to foster more personal relations between you, your employees, investors, customers and the many different people that go to making a success of your business.

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