Review: Best VoIP Service Providers of 2017 

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VoIP, commonly known as Voice over Internet Protocol, has increased its popularity and market base exponentially in recent times. The disruption created in the Landline Phone Market or Cell Phones is mainly due to big players in the Telecom domain actively participating in creating a product which can be used as an effective alternative to Landline Phones and be of additional value to the customer.

Today we will go through how we can choose our VoIP services depending on our requirements. The same product VoIP can be used for multiple purposes, including but not exclusive to Small Business, Big Multi National Companies and those Home-Based Companies).

Communication is a sector which has gone through regular changes since the time of inception.

In the nascent phase, the connection was made via connecting two points together and establishing a link. Gradually over a course of time, concepts of manual switching and automated switching were introduced to achieve better results.

Introduction and working of VoIP

VoIP is a revolutionary concept in the domain of Telecom communication, where the voice of the user is encoded to form a digital pattern and then transmitting the same via the internet. On the receiver end, the voice is decoded and is transmitted to the other party with minimal loss.

How to setup

Connect with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), who will provide you with an adapter unit. This will have a power jack to it, which you will need to connect to power it up. Connect it with the Internet router and the standard phone. VoIP should be up and running. In case of any issues the Service providers will be able to assist with their technical teams.

Pricing and major breakthrough

The major breakthrough for the VoIP market was making the service affordable with value addition. The present rates for Telephone services (Landline) from top companies can range anywhere between $35 to $60 depending on demography, whereas an entry level VoIP plan can start from as low as $10. Normal plans range from around $19 to $25 depending on demography.

Perks of VoIP

Not only can VoIP save you a lot of money, it can add a few sweeteners in the deal too. These include Cloud Office features, an exclusive mobile app, enhanced functional features for an Operating System ( like iOS 10). One of the major players in the market, Skype offers a whole range of services with VoIP, including but not limited to call routing, texts and a fantastic chat app.

VoIP for Business

Business users are considered as premium customers, hence there are additional perks for this user group. These include common features like call routing. It also packs in some unique features like integration with 3rd party apps like Office360 and Gmail, creating call queues for customer support-based businesses, allowing device independent call switch (mobile to desktop, and seamless cloud integration (example – sales force).

Mobile VoIP

Communication and connectivity goes hand-in-hand. So it is essential that for slippage in internet bandwidth there is no drastic fall in voice quality. These concerns have been worked on, and even with low bandwidth there are no noises or distractions. VoIP solutions have considered the factors of mobile solutions while developing the product. Hence most popular Mobile OS like Android or iOS and Windows 10 have compatible mobile apps for VoIP services. The major benefit which can be derived is that a person who has to travel a lot for business (e.g sales) can be seamlessly connected even when out of the country. All one needs to do is use the VoIP app to their benefit.

We have compiled a list of services that a user can subscribe to, along with its Highlights, Ratings and Pricing:

  • 1) RingCentral Office
    Highlights – Business Class VoIP solution with solid features and a service level agreement. Rating – 4.5 Pricing – $ 19.99
  • 2) Vonage (Business )
    Highlights – VoIP solution with additional integration with Amazon Chime and Google G Suite. Special features include collaborative capability like Virtual Meet and Video Conference.Rating – 3.5 Pricing – $81.92
  • 3) 8*8 Virtual Office
    Highlights – VoIP service with mobile ability and also has scope to integrate with 3rd party apps. Rating – 4.5 Pricing – $24.99
  • 4) Mitel MiCloud
    Highlights – Unified Cloud based platform. Rating – 4 Pricing – $19.99
  • 5) Phone.Com
    Highlights – Affordable, Has mobile ability. Rating – 4 Pricing – $9.99
  • 6) Skype
    Highlights – Simple to use, has additional features like text and chat. Rating – 3.5 Pricing – $2
  • 7) VoIP Studio
    Highlights – International call support, room for customization. Rating – 3.5 Pricing – $4.99
  • 8) 1-VoIP
    Highlights – For basic home usage. Rating – 3 Pricing – $8.97
  • 9) Vonage
    Highlights – For basic home usage, affordable. Rating – 3.5 Pricing – $25.99
  • 10) Intermedia
    Highlights – Cloud-based, room for customization, slightly expensive. Rating – 4.5
    Pricing – $30.99
  • 11) JIVE
    Highlights – Flexible, cloud-based, mix of advanced and basic usage, making it easy to use with most features. Rating – 4
    Pricing – $29.95

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