The Top 5 Business Answering Services

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In the current world it is now becoming clear more than ever the important contribution customers make towards growth and profitability of businesses. Business owners are thus beginning to appreciate the need for better and more robust customer care service that is tailored towards ensuring that the customers inquiries and questions are treated with the utmost seriousness they deserve. This is an area businesses have not been able to address as adequately as they should. Research by Forbes has indicated that US companies lose $83 billion as a result of poor customer care issues. This goes on to explain just how much customer care issues have been taken for granted.

It is with such findings in mind that professional answering services companies have been established to handle issues involving customer affairs so as to save these companies.

The businesses no longer have to increase the functions of their current staff or employ more staff. The businesses are also able to concentrate on other pressing matters, thus able to increase sales volume and consequently increase productivity. These companies sufficiently answer customer questions depending with the information you have given them.

The top 5 Business answering services include:


This company mainly favors small businesses since it does not set any minimum volume for calls. It only charges for the answering services made. Xact is ready to take calls any time of the day. The company gives services to clients in English and Spanish, as well as more than 100 other languages through its translation partnership. It has a special supervisory tool enabling the business to monitor how its clients are being treated.

  • MERITS: Provides different services favoring businesses that delve in a range of activities.
  • DEMERITS: Its live chat feature works for limited hours in a day.
  • VERDICT: Provides different services which help in a wide range of businesses. It also supports small businesses.


Answering service that uses two languages ,English and Spanish. The company has made a huge investment in thorough training of its agents. It also provide functions like processing orders and scheduling appointments for your business for a whole day.

  • MERIT: Its answering service responds very fast.
  • DEMERITS: It is costly compared to other companies.
  • VERDICT: A nice company that functions on a 24-hour basis and has a variety of services.


Has a large number of plans depending on your need. These services can also be custom made according to what you want. Has a proper monitoring facility.

  • MERITS:Does free scheduling of appointments and processing of your orders.
  • DEMERITS:Does not give responses to emails.
  • VERDICT:It has many plans, which makes it perfect for different businesses. Operates in two languages. 


The agents can offer a variety of services, since they also have online google training. Serves different varieties of businesses that have different sizes as well.

  • MERITS: Its quick activation time and live answering capability makes it very good.
  • DEMERITS: Neither has live chat nor email response.
  • VERDICT: Can be customized to different businesses and also offers very affordable services.


Has a variety of answering service plans that can highly assist your business growth. Does not have a set-up fee and can also be customized to meet your exact needs.

  • MERITS: You do not pay for wrong numbers and con calls.
  • DEMERITS: Poor delivery of customer support. No email or live chat.
  • VERDICT: Offers two languages, has numerous capabilities, though you may have to pay more.

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